#ThinkCultureSeries (Part 18) - Can blockchain better protect artists' rights ?


#ThinkCultureSeries (Part 18)

Can blockchain better protect artists' rights ?

Author: Chloé Dupré / La French Tech Rennes Saint-Malo, interview with Jérôme Pons (Music won't stop)
Publisher: Usbek & Rica / Ladigital.tech

Publishing Date: November 15th 2017


Described by some as the 4th great innovation of this century, blockchain was initially introduced in the cultural industries in response to problems linked to intellectual property and copyright. Faced with the failed attempt to share all databases relating to the production and marketing of music across the world, how can blockchain bring greater harmony to this cacophony, through “smart contracts”?


- Introduction
- So what is a smart contract? 
- Artists are open to solutions
- A massive change for the cultural industries

Key Words:
Blockchain | Contract Management | Disintermediation | Distribution | Copyright | Data Management | Rights Management | Metadata | Recorded Music | Intellectual Property | Smart Contract | ThinkCultureSeries  | Value Sharing

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