#ThinkCultureSeries (Part 20) - Blockchains and smart contracts in the culture and entertainment business


#ThinkCultureSeries (Part 20)
#BlockchainSeries (Part 2b) 

Blockchains and smart contracts in the culture and entertainment business

Author: Jérôme Pons (Music won't stop)
Translator: Noal Mellott 

PublisherAnnales des Mines
Publishing Date: March 2018



Contracts are omnipresent in the culture and entertainment business, in particular in the film, video and music industries. Nonetheless, whether passed with authors, producers, publishers or distributers, they are not always applicable or executed. The minimum sums guaranteed under a contract might transfer an “excessive” share of the value toward producers and editors; and the absence of legal metadata might reduce the amount paid to the rightful owners (e.g., performing artists). Is it utopian to imagine a contract that is programmed and executed automatically so as distribute a “fair” share of the value to the creators, producers, editors, distributors and consumers of digital contents and to provide a remuneration to the rightful owners that reflects consumption (via down-loading or audience ratings)? Blockchain technology is part of the answer...


- Blockchain technology
- The culture and entertainment business
o The film and video Industry
o The music Industry
- The major types of contracts
o In the film and video industry
o In the music industry
o A model of contracts
- The application of smart contracts in culture and entertainment
o A smart contract's principles
o Smart contracts in the Bitcoin network
o Smart contracts in Ethereum
o A use case experiment, Ujo Music
- The prospects for smart contracts in culture and entertainment
- References


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